Stories of Brave

Brave takes that risk. Brave strives to push on when others don’t. We see that bravery, and we back it.

Our Stories of Brave series takes a look at some of our business customers who’ve shown that bravery. They’re the cornerstone of our economy, and we’re here to support them.


Cooking up a recipe for future success

Successful business leaders show strength and courage every day, through dedication, innovation, and commitment to their business survival. The current pandemic has highlighted that those businesses which have adapted and made quick changes to their offering are emerging well.  Devon-based Pasta King is one example.

As with many businesses, Pasta King immediately felt the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions. As the leading provider of nutritious pasta meals to schools in the UK, the closure of schools was a massive change for the business. Read more.


The perfect blend of coffee and customer service

Stories of Brave’ is a series of real-life stories highlighting the brave people behind businesses in Great Britain; those who have shown strength and courage in the course of their day to day, growing their business and navigating it through the host of obstacles and economic shocks and events that arise. These stories shine light on individuals and businesses demonstrating their dedication, innovation, and commitment to the success of their business.  Here we focus on Bhopinder Singh Gill and his company GK Coffee Group, a Starbucks franchisee. Read more.