Invoice Finance Calculator

Total Debtors

Average Debtor Collection Period = (Total Debtors x 365)/Total Annual Sales

Average Debtor Collection Period

This is the average number of days it takes to collect payment from your debtors.

Approved Debts Available for Funding

Approved debts available for funding is based on your total debtors less aged debt (ie. debts greater than 90 days, in this example) and any other disapproved debts* that may be required.

Potential Funding Available

Approved debts available for funding multiplied by the agreed prepayment rate (ie. 90%, in this example).

Available funding as a % of gross debts

*Along with aged debts as outlined in this example, disapproved debts can include intercompany debts, disputed debts, contra balances where you are selling to your suppliers and cash sales.