Welcome to our latest report into Owner

Managed Businesses in the UK


This is the second of our biannual reports for Owner Managed Business (OMB) where we seek

to capture what drives this vital engine of our economy. Who comprises this business group?


What sets them apart? What are their priorities? What are their views on the broader economy

to which they contribute so much?


Where do they foresee growth and what challenges do they think lie ahead?


In our second survey, we found that Owner Managers are more optimistic than they were

12 months ago.


More than six in ten (62%) expect the economic situation to improve in the next year, and

nine in ten (90%) are optimistic about their business’ prospects. Other highlights from the

survey of 300 Owner Managers across Great Britain included:


  • Businesses definitively state they are better off than they were this time last year
  • Larger businesses are even more optimistic
  • The definitive general election result has created more certainty and concerns about deflation have abated
  • All owner managed businesses continue to be aware of macro-economic headwinds



Full press release: Business confidence is up say Owner Managers



What is your Owner Manager persona? 


As with our first report we have continued to delve deeper into the attitudes of Owner Managers

with our five Owner Managed Business (OMB) personas:


These personas look at how attitudes of Owner Managers change over time and across sectors

and what this ultimately means for your business in the months ahead.


We have created an app that will work out which Persona you are most like. It's not an exact

science and we don't like pigeon holing businesses any more than you do but we know that

understanding your business and your concerns is what makes Allied Irish Bank (GB)

different to the High Street Banks.


To test the personas and to demonstrate how different OMBs need different advice

depending on how their business is doing we asked Shirlaws UK, who specialise in coaching

Owner Managed Businesses, to tell us what advice they would be give to each persona based

on the typical demographic of each. You can find this advice within the OMB Web App result. 


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