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Economic Outlook – May 2024

Ireland’s key trading partners continue to grow at a steady, if unspectacular pace. The US economy has outperformed the UK and Eurozone of late, but European economies are showing signs of accelerating growth in 2024.

Irish Economy Watch - June 2024

PMI stayed below 50 for a third consecutive month in May. However, the index printed at 49.8, consistent with only a marginal contraction. Output and business orders were weak.

ECB Watch - July 2024

The ECB meeting for July saw the Governing Council keep its key interest rates unchanged. This means that the Deposit rate remains at 3.75% while the refi rate stays at 4.25%. The ‘hold’ on rates in July follows the 25bps rate cut implemented in June to the main interest rates. This represented its first rate change in six meetings after previously being on a rate hiking cycle. 

Forex & Interest Rate Outlook - May 2024

World economy continues to exhibit resilience. However, subdued growth expected again in 2024, with US outperformance starting to wane, UK and Eurozone accelerating.

Bank of England Watch - June 2024

The Bank of England kept its key interest rate unchanged at 5.25% at the conclusion of its June Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting.

US Federal Reserve Watch - June 2024

As expected, the US Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting for June saw the central bank leave its key interest rate policy unchanged.

Irish Housing Market Bulletin - June 2023

Renewed momentum in Irish residential property prices...

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