FRAUD WARNING 08/04/24:  AIB are aware of fraudsters contacting business customers purporting to AIB.   

We would ask customers that if you do not feel comfortable with a call you have received, hang up the phone and ring back on a number you have independently verified, remember:

  • AIB will NEVER ask you to reveal details of your IBB login, including password
  • AIB will NEVER ask you to confirm approval limits
  • AIB will NEVER ask you to generate a code from your digipass

Business Customer Fraud and Security Centre


At Allied Irish Bank (GB) we take security seriously. We aim to protect you against the threats associated with internet fraud. 

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How do I Report Fraud

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Common Frauds and Threats

How do you Prevent Fraud

How do you Prevent Fraud

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Third Party Providers (TPPs)

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Keeping your Business Safe from Fraud

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In 2017, £755 million was lost to financial fraud, but we can all help to lower this figure by remembering one simple action – to stop and think. 

That’s why the Take Five campaign – led by Financial Fraud Action UK Ltd - is encouraging the nation to do just that; to take time to stop, step back and think before they act.

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