Protect Your Business from Uncertainty

If your business is financed by medium to long term borrowings on a variable interest rate, your repayment costs will vary in line with interest rate movements. These fluctuations will have a direct impact on your cashflows and your ability to predict them.

At AIB Customer Treasury Services, we have a team of specialists available to help you protect your business from uncertain adverse interest rate movements. We will take time to understand your specific risk profile and the requirements of your business. We will then help you to evaluate the risks so you can make an informed decision about how you can protect your business from financial shocks.

Medium and long term borrowing results in a risk profile that can last across several business and interest rate cycles.  For this reason we suggest that you evaluate your interest rate risk management decision periodically during the life of your borrowing. Regular appraisal will allow you to protect your business from financial shocks while potentially allowing you to take advantage of a favourable interest rate environment.

What we provide:

  • Access to a dedicated treasury relationship manager
  • Assistance in identifying and evaluating; interest rate risk
  • Assistance in the development of a risk management policy in line with your business objectives
  • Comprehensive range of risk management products and customised solutions
  • Timely information on market movements

You will find an overview of some of our products below. However, please talk to us before considering any of these products for your particular circumstances.

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Interest rate swap

Specify your Interest Rate Swap (IRS) for protection against adverse interest rate movements

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Interest rate cap

Allows you to cap the interest rate costs on variable borrowings at the Strike rate

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Interest rate collar

Tailor your risk management policy without affecting the underlying borrowing