iBusiness Banking FAQs

Welcome to Allied Irish Bank (GB)'s frequently asked questions. Whatever you want to find out about our iBB products you will find it here. Just select from the list below.

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  • How do I log into iBusiness Banking?



    Go to www.aigb.co.uk/ibusinessbanking and log into iBusiness Banking


    Key in your 8 character user ID and select continue


    Enter your Passphrase and the requested code from your Digipass and click on Log in.


    Click  to view videos on 'How to use your Digipass', 'Local Admin/User First Time Log In' and 'How to create an OTC'.

  • How do I use iBusiness Banking?

    Log into iBusiness Banking


    Click  to view our video on 'Using iBusiness Banking'


    You will need the following systems and browsers to use iBusiness Banking


    Operating Systems:

    Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 8, IOS (iPhone/iPad)*, OSX (MAC)*



    Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari


    * Payment Files feature is currently not supported on Apple Platforms


    NB: iBusiness Banking requires both Cookies and Javascript to be enabled

  • I am having difficulty logging into iBB.


    Make sure you are logging into the correct iBusiness Banking website www.aibgb.co.uk/ibusinessbanking through a supported browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and that your log in credentials (iBusiness Banking User ID, Passphrase and OTC) are correct.


  • I have forgotten my Passphrase, what do I do?

    Local Adminstrator : Contact your Business Centre to request a new PAC. Make sure you have your iBusiness Banking User ID ready.


    Other Users: Your Local Administrator can reset your Passphrase for you.   

  • My Digipass is not working / lost/ stolen, how do I order a new one?

    If your Digipass is lost, stolen or the battery is low, please contact our iBusiness Banking Customer Support Team on 0370 243 0331 for a replacement Digipass 


    Important: Your Digipass will be Deactivated IMMEDIATELY when a new one is ordered.                                                


    Don't try to change the battery, as this will disable the Digipass completely.



    † Lines open: 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday - Friday (except on bank holidays). Calls may be recorded. Call charges may vary - refer to your service provider.

  • What is a Local Administrator?

    A Local Administrator is a person with System Administrator rights who looks after the day to day operation of iBusiness Banking for you.


    At least one User must be appointed as a Local Administrator.


    For your security we strongly recommend dual authorisation for iBusiness Banking


    For more information please see our Security Centre 


    NB: A Local Adminstrator can only be set up by the Bank upon written instruction.

  • How do I set Payment Limits?

    To set Payment limits you must be a Local Administrator (System Administrator).


    Click  to view a demo on 'How to set Payment Limits'




    Log into iBusiness Banking. 


    Select the Local Administrator tab and then User List, click on the User that you want to set limits for and amend the limits in the limits tab.


    Make sure you save and validate all your user changes.  


  • I see a Tech error when I log in, what do I do?

    If you are seeing a ‘TECH’ error you may be experiencing a slow internet connection. Try deleting temporary files and cookies and then log in again. Ensure that you close all open browser windows and relaunch your browser after completing the steps above.




    Click  to view a demo on 'How to clear your Internet Cache'



    For all other Log in Queries, please call 0370 243 0331. Please have your iBusiness Banking User ID ready. 



     Lines open: 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday - Friday (except on bank holidays). Calls may be recorded. Call charges may vary - refer to your service provider.


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