Changes to using your card online


When you’re shopping online, we may need to confirm that it’s really you using your card. This is an extra layer of security called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA for short) making online shopping even more secure.

We have introduced new ways to confirm it’s you, such as using an app or using a password for online purchases along with a one-time passcode.

When you’re shopping online after you’ve entered in your card details to pay, a Visa screen may appear to ask you to confirm your transaction.   The on screen instructions will tell you what to do next.

Personal Cardholders 

Password for online purchases

To confirm it’s really you using your card online, you’ll need to set up a new password for online purchases, to be used along with a one-time passcode we’ll send you by text message.

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No mobile phone?

If you don’t have a mobile, you can use a landline and your voice as your password.

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If you are asked to confirm a purchase, the information on the screen will prompt you on what to do. 


Do you have any additional cardholders (also known as Authorised Users) on your credit card account?

Make sure all additional cardholders are aware of this change as they will have to set up their card to confirm purchases too.   


Business cardholders


How to confirm your purchases

For business customers, all cardholders need to download and set up the AIB Authenticator app.

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