Depending on the type of account you hold or electronic banking service you use, fees and charges may apply. Please refer to the fees and charges for business customerspersonal customers, private customers and iBB customers for more details.

Faster Payments

The Faster Payments Service allows customers to make fast and low cost electronic payments or transfers using Online Services or iBB.

Standing orders

With a standing order you can automatically pay your regular, fixed amount bills directly from your account.

CHAPS payments service

CHAPS payments offer a speedy and secure way of sending sterling payments electronically so that they arrive with your payee on the same day.

Direct debit payments

Paying your regular bills with direct debits is an efficient and easy way of taking care of your regular payments.

Direct debit Guarantee

If any money is wrongly taken from your account under a direct debit then, as soon as we are told about it, we will refund your account. This protects you if a direct debit, which has not been authorised, is taken from your account. Similarly, where too much is taken, it is taken too early or it is taken after you have cancelled the direct debit, you will be protected. Cancellation of a direct debit should be made in writing simultaneously to the originator and to your Bank, giving seven days notice.

Click here to find out more on how to make a claim.

International payments

Make payments from your own accounts in all major currencies to most destinations worldwide.

SEPA Payments and International Payments Explained

Payment Type Description When to use Fees and Charges

SEPA Payment

(Single Euro Payment Area) 

(SEPA form)
This is a Euro payment made using the SEPA system  Payments can take up to 2 working days to clear in the account Any euro payment going to the SEPA Zone* can go as a SEPA payment  Note: if the Bank you are paying is not part of the SEPA scheme you will need to do an international payment  See our fees & charges brochure  

International Payment

 (PayLink form) 

International Payment means transferring funds, in any currency, from or to an account to another account outside of the UK, or transferring funds from or to another account inside the UK in any currency other than Sterling. For payment which includes a foreign currency.   See our fees & charges brochure 

*for SEPA Zone countries see ‘Where can I send SEPA credit transfer payment to’ on our International Payment Page.

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