Under Financial Strain

We’re here to support you through difficult times.

Like many of our customers, your financial situation may have changed in recent years. You may be concerned about managing your borrowings, now or in the future. The sooner you contact us, the easier it will be for us to help.
You can be considered to be in financial difficulty when income is insufficient to cover reasonable living expenses and meet financial commitments as they become due. This may result from a change in lifestyle, often accompanied by a fall in disposable income and/or increased expenditure, such as:

  • loss of employment;
  • disability;
  • serious illness;
  • relationship breakdown;
  • death of a family member;
  • starting a lower paid job;
  • parental/carer leave;
  • starting full-time education; and
  • imprisonment.


Signs or indicators that you may be at risk of being in financial difficulties may include:

  • regular unarranged overdrafts or excesses on agreed overdraft facilities;
  • regular returned items or refused authorisations in respect of Point of Sale or ATM transactions;
  • frequent requests for increased overdraft limits; and
  • missed or overdue payments in respect of products held by you; 

This list is not intended to be exhaustive, nor are the above necessarily indicators that you may be at risk of being in financial difficulties. 


Concerned about your mortgage repayments?

Our focus is to keep our customers in their family home wherever possible, where they are working with us to prioritise their mortgage repayments.
We have a specialised team who are available to discuss your concerns. They can also arrange a review of your financial circumstances and work with you to find a resolution, where possible.


Contact us today regarding mortgage repayments:

Call us: 02890821682option 1
E-Mail: fsgcollections@aib.ie
Download our practical guide to:  

  1. help you manage your mortgage payments
  2. help you understand the options available
  3. finding a suitable resolution


Concerned about managing other Personal loans and borrowings?

At different life stages, and for many reasons, the family budget can come under strain. It is very important not to ignore the early signs of financial difficulty or stress. Talk to us today; we can help you get a clear picture of your finances, and explore a range of options to help ease the burden.

Call us:  028 9082 1682† (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm) Option 2 for Personal loans and Option 3 for Personal Credit Cards 
E-Mail:   fsgcollections@aib.ie


Text Reminders for AIB (GB) Customers in financial difficulty

Allied Irish Bank (GB) may text you if you have a payment shortfall on your Mortgage, Loan or Credit Card account, or if you are experiencing financial difficulty.
The text was previously delivered from the number ‘51500’. This number has since been replaced with ‘AIB GB’ as we feel this is more recognisable for our customers.  We sign the texts 'AIB GB' and will not ask you for any online banking details, account numbers or PIN numbers. You will be asked to contact our Retail Financial Solutions Group (Retail FSG) by phone 02890 821682 or by email to fsgcollections@aib.ie;(for Mortgage) or fsgbranch@aib.ie fsgbranch@aib.ie (for Loan & Credit Cards).

Allied Irish Bank (GB) is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and subscribes to The Lending Code which details a code of conduct in respect of how banks deal with customers in financial difficulties.  The leaflet Dealing with Debt is a valuable publication which outlines how banks deal with customers in financial difficulties including the process involved and the main rights and responsibilities of customers and banks

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Cashflow Planner

Cashflow Planner

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