Updated Bulk File Formats – Action required

We are modernising our bulk payment service in 2025.
In preparation for this we will be making changes to the file formats that can be accepted later this year. We will only be able to offer 2 file formats – CSV Excel & APACS.
To continue to process bulk payments you will need to change to one of these formats.
We will write out to you within the next few months regarding this, and will be making changes to your iBusiness Banking terms and conditions.
In the meantime, we recommend that you update your software or templates to either CSV Excel or APACS formats as soon as possible to avoid any file rejections later this year.
Below you will see more information on the 2 supported formats.
Should you require any further assistance with this change, please contact your software provider if you use 3rd party software, or alternatively please do not hesitate to contact the Business Channels Team at echannels.gb@aib.ie.      


Supported file format

APACS (for credit or debit files)

CSV Excel (credit or debit files)

You will no longer be able to use iBP Default, Sage, CSV Standard & CSV Standard 2 formats going forward.

Stay secure online

iBB will continue to have the same high levels of security, but sadly fraud is a fact of life and so it is important to remain vigilant for scams and internet fraud. Fraudsters may call pretending to be from the bank and ask you to create codes on your Digipass, perform test payments or to transfer money out of your account. If you are asked to do this it will be a fraud.

You should also be cautious if your computer slows down while using iBB, particularly at log in. This may be a sign of the presence of Malware.

More information on staying safe online is available in our Security Centre