Have you missed a credit card or loan payment?

If you’ve missed  personal a credit card or loan repayment your account is in ‘arrears’. That leads to two immediate consequences. One is that we may charge you additional interest. The other is that we report the missed payments to credit reference agencies, which may affect your credit rating and impact your ability to obtain future  personal credit.

The best and cheapest action you can take is to pay back the missed payments as soon as you can.

There may be a change we can make to the terms of the loan, to make the payments more manageable.

If you are unable to clear your arrears, then call us. The longer you delay, the longer it will take to clear your arrears and the more it will cost in the end. 


What can you expect when you call us

We have people ready to help  personal customers in arrears to get things back on track. The only way you can find out what we can do is to call us.

Talk to Us about your personal loan payments

If you think you will miss a loan payment call us

on 0345 600 5204


Talk to Us about your personal credit card payments

If you think you will miss a Credit Card payment call us

on 028 9082 1682