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This form is only to be completed if you require an extension to
your current mortgage term

Before you apply

By submitting this application you are considering extending the term of your mortgage and confirm:

  • You have a residential mortgage with us
  • You are up to date with your mortgage payments at the time of this request
  • You have the permission of all other people named on the mortgage to make this application. You haven’t previously switched to interest only payments or extended the term of your mortgage under the Mortgage Charter
  • Please fill out one form for each property mortgaged with Allied Irish Bank (GB)
  • You've read the section entitled Declaration and Important Information

Your application will be reviewed to ensure it meets with the eligibility requirements as set out in the Mortgage Charter - GOV.UK (

Section 1 - Your details

Please provide your contact details below - a member of our mortgage team will contact you within 2 working days  to discuss your request and provide you with personalised information to help you make a decision.


Section 2 - Your mortgage details

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Declarations and Important Information

  • Once we receive your request form, we will give you a call within 2 working days to provide you with a personalised illustration.   We will also provide you with written confirmation of your personalised illustration. If you wish to proceed, we will need your signed acceptance within 15 days of your next scheduled repayment date or the change will take effect from the following payment.   If we do not receive your signed acceptance, the change will not take place.

  • You will be able to extend your term up to AIB’s maximum permitted term of 35 years for the mortgage on the property that you live in and 25 years for a second home or holiday home. Your new extended term must not take you (or any one of you, if you have a joint mortgage) past your expected retirement age or your 71st Birthday (whichever is lower).

  • We will not carry out an affordability assessment as part of this process.

  • If you decide to extend the term of your mortgage, this will not appear on your credit file, but some lenders might look at your payment history when making lending decisions.    

  • Extending the term of your mortgage means your monthly payment will be lower because your mortgage will be repaid over a longer period of time. As it will take longer to pay off, you’ll pay more interest overall meaning the total cost of your mortgage will be higher.

  • If you decide to extend the term of your mortgage, your Direct Debit will be adjusted automatically to reflect your new monthly payment.    If you repay your mortgage via an alternative option, then you'll need to make the necessary changes to ensure you are making the correct payment during this period.

  • You will need to contact us if you want to change back to your original term within 6 months without an affordability check and without it affecting your credit file.

  • No other terms and conditions in your mortgage agreement will change.

  • We have not reviewed your needs and priorities and will not be providing any advice on your application, or the suitability of this arrangement for you.

By ticking below I/we confirm that I/we understand and accept the following:

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Before submitting this form please review the information you have completed to ensure it is accurate and complete.