What is Voice ID?

As part of our commitment to provide customers with innovative new services, we are proud to launch Voice ID. Voice ID is a simple, fast and secure way to authenticate customers over the phone.

Voice ID uses your voice to authenticate you and recognises over 100 features of your unique voice. Like your fingerprint your voice is unique to you and allows us to be confident it’s really you who we are speaking with, making it even more secure. Simply speaking the phrase ‘My Voice is my Password’ into the phone will do the job that security questions did in the past.

What are the benefits of Voice ID?

Voice ID will make it easier, faster and safer to authenticate you over the phone.

No need to answer security questions on every call; a simple phrase will do

Saves time – resolve your banking needs quickly
We can be confident of who we are talking to; this makes your accounts safer


How do I enrol for Voice ID?

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1. Call

The next time you call you will be given the opportunity to enrol for Voice ID.

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2. Verification

We'll verify you in the normal way.

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3. Voiceprint

We'll ask you to repeat the phrase 'My Voice is my Password' to capture your unique voiceprint. now you are ready to use Voice ID.

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4. That's it!

We'll text you to confirm when your voiceprint is set up. The next time you call you will be prompted to say the passphrase.

How does it work?

The Voice ID technology is a speaker authentication technology that captures a voice sample from a live caller, compares it to a previously stored voiceprint, and produces a confidence score of how closely the caller's voice sample matches the voiceprint. A voiceprint includes more than 100 unique physical and behavioural characteristics of a person such as length of the vocal tract, nasal passage, and pitch, cadence, accent, etc. which makes a voiceprint as unique to an individual as a fingerprint is.

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Other Information

While we are phasing in Voice ID on our Debit, Credit and Branch lines you may still be asked some security questions. Voice ID will be available to any customer who is over 18 and has a Debit or Credit Card.